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National Planning Policies
National Planning Policies - including Tree Preservation Orders and Conservation Areas (in England).

The (relatively) new Forest Indusrty Safet Accord web site. Keep up-to-date with safety alerts etc.

Fera plant health
The Food and Environment Research Agency website - to keep abreast with the myriad of current tree pests and diseases.

Tree advice trust
"The Tree Advice Trust is an independent charity whose aims are to research and disseminate practical information and guidance on the cultivation, maintenance and care of trees grown for amenity". Check out their "Tree Damage Alerts" (TDAs).

National tree safety group (NTSG)
The new National Tree Safety Group site (within the Forestry Commission web-site), follow their link for the publications "Managing Trees for Safety", "Common sense risk management of trees - landowners summary" & "Common sense risk management of trees - Guidance for owners, managers & advisers".

HSE Tree-work Guidance
Link to the HSE's site; the plac eto visit to clarify "current best practise" in relation to tree work.

Royal Forestry Society
This link goes to the RFS "Learning" page. A very useful resource for those studying tree related topics, Arboriculture and Forestry. Includes a very comprehensive tree guide.

Routes to work
Training funding provider (for those returning to work) in Lanarkshire. Worth a call.

British and Irish Legal Information Institute
BAILII is a site were you can search for case laws relating to hazardous trees.

AIE: Arboricultural Information Exchange
The AIE is dedicated to sharing information and news relating to arboricultural issues. It is primarily intended for use by arboriculturists who may need to quickly source information on a given subject.

International Society of Arboriculture (ISA)
The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) is the worlds biggest group of professional arborists with over 20,000 members distributed throughout 38 "Chapters" across the 5 continents.

Consulting Arborist Society
The Consulting Arborist Society website is a resource for the general public to use in order to quickly find a suitably trained and experienced Tree Consultant capable of offering reports to satisfy a range of specific problems

Arboricultural Association
The Arboricultural Association is the UK's largest arboricultural orientated organisation. They run seminars, training events, produce publications, new-letters and journals - to furhter the sciene of arboriculture

Institute of Chartered Foresters
The tree care industry's professional body.

NPTC test schedules
View and download the test schedules relevant to your training route. Never be caught out by the content of a forthcoming exam!

Lantra sector skills council
Forget what some may tell you. This is the "lead body" for arboriculture. Visit to keep abreast of developments in the land based sector.

Lantra Awards
The home page of the land based (including arboriculture) sector's national training organisation (NTO). Don't see the course you need on the ITS web-site? Check here for registered instructors and training providers in your area.

Simply Business
View ITS's current insurance policies/level of cover.

Trust Mark
ITS are the only Scotland based Tree Consultancy and Training company registered as an approved contractor within this government approved scheme.

Tree Care Approved
A quality assurance scheme for Tree Care Professionals (Contractors and Consultants) under the umbrella of the Trust Mark Scheme. ITS is the only Scottish Arboricultural Consultancy listed.

British Standard Institute
BSI standards BS 3998: 2010, BS 5837: 2005 etc.

Skills Development Scotland - Funding
SDS provide a scheme called "Flexible Training Opportunties" (FTO). If booking any training course (though legally required certificates may be exempt) visit this site, complete the application form and you may get up to £500 refunded! Worth a look.

Eplanning is Scotland's Local Government site for online planning applications. Including work to protected trees.

Qualifications & Accreditations



The developer needing a BS5837 Survey:

"Informed Tree Services provided an expert service which was quick, helpful and good value for money. The tree survey and reports produced enabled me to effectively manage my development and protect valued trees, ensuring my planning application gained approval from the forestry officer. I will definitely be using Informed Tree Service again for my next project." Iain Mackey

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The large landowner/manager requiring tree safety inspections:

"Chris Simpson tendered for a 3 year contract for tree inspections within Tay Forest District in 2012. His submission was very professional and extremely competitive, which ensured that he got the work. From the very start Chris approached this with a refreshingly professional attitude, making sure that he fully understood all of the clients’ needs, whilst also suggesting ways in which the data could better be recorded and submitted. " Hamish Murray

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The concerned private tree owner:

"I commissioned a complete survey of all the trees in the garden. Chris spent a morning , carefully mapping and assessing all the 8 listed & tagged trees before preparing a major report, to be submitted to the East Lothian Council for permission to fell or trim back as necessary, in order to meet my duty of care. He completed a full Visual Tree Assessment from ground level, then a Picus Tomograph of the badly damaged old beech, in order to gauge its health and prospects. The resulting Report also indicated all the remedial work required." Fiona E.Tennick

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